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Digital Marketing for Hotels

Winning Strategies for Hotels & Hospitality

Brookfield specialises in the hopitality sector with a proven track record of success and over 10 years experience. Success and profitability for Brookfield clients result from a firm foundation and in-depth understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced across the industry from multi-facility marketing and up-selling, to the requirements of individual business units be they local, national or international organisations.

To achieve and retain profit targets our hotel clients understand the need to react and stay ahead of a sector which is constantly challenged to grow profitability across all aspects of the business with occupancy resulting from direct bookings; be that room nights or day guests, spa and gym memberships or weddings and conferences – in fact every aspect of the total package - however broad or focussed.

Working in Partnership
  • Independent Hotels: We work with independent hotels and groups to drive revenue through direct bookings and sales. We work with limited service properties to maximise online visibility for the destination, and full service properties to ensure the effective promotion of all individual business units, as well as the overall venue as a destination.
  • Franchises: Brookfield work with franchises to develop independent website and digital marketing strategies tailored to maximise the power of the franchise brand combined with the differentiation of the individual site. The Brookfield process will Increase profitability and revenue focusing on the unique location and USP's of the property. We understand the opportunities and limitations of working with a brand, and have the experience to help each site to exploit it's potential.

  • Groups & Management Companies : Every hotel is different, and we apply a bespoke digital plan to each of our clients. At group level, we provide a consistent digital strategy across all hotels conforming to group guidelines and working within the overall group strategy. Quantifiable results are the outcome of sharing best practice, providing in-depth site by site and group level reporting and our tailor-made Web Champion Training Programme.

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