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Start Winning Clients With Social Media

In this era of hashtags, retweets and shares, taking your business online is very important. Businesses create their profile on multiple social media apps but often don’t maintain the communication or don’t understand the ways to connect with the right audience at the right time. Lagging behind your competitors is not desirable for any business but walking away from social media is somewhat losing on an important client base. Frankly...You can’t do that in 2020!

The tips for defying changing algorithms, parameters and social media trends are not ever-green. When dealing in the digital world you need to stay updated with every change. We are close to 2020, it is a perfect time to plan, strategize and implement a smart social media strategy and win quality guests. 

Here are a few tips that you can consider to make your hotel popular on Social media

Review it - A sparkling 5-star rating on your hotel’s page is a great indicator of Guest-satisfaction. When in the booking stage, people often read reviews on multiple websites and social media. It is highly recommended in 2020 that you pay attention to customer satisfaction and encourage the rate us/review us culture on your official social media handles.

‘Book it on Facebook’ Trend -  Direct bookings fetch more loyalty and profit to the hotel. Instead of linking your website with social media post or ad campaign, you can give them a flexible option of booking a hotel right on social media. Simply add a ‘Book Now’ button to your Facebook page and other official handles. 

Show Glimpses of your Hotel- We all know what happens on the front desk, but backend functioning of hotel and staff appreciation can give your social media strategy a personal touch. Introduce your staff and appreciate their services, show how your super kitchen serves delicious delicacies, release short videos of hotel staff engagement activities and more. 

Tag. Mention.Tag - You know the more people acknowledge you on social media, the more business comes in. Ask your guests to tag your official handles with gorgeous pics of ambience and share their experience with the world. Even small photography contests can boom up your tagging scale. It will help in acquiring more quality followers for the hotel. 

In this era of Social media, it’s more about a random quote and caption. You need to engage your clients and tempt them with luxury and high-quality services. Tell them how you care about society with CSR activities. Well, these are just ways that will improve your market value but it still needs a proper strategy for execution. At Woodstock Digital, we always design-wise social media content and strategies. Connect to us for smart digital marketing solutions soon!