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Impress Your Guests with Excellent Front Desk Communication

“The first impression is the last impression”


We all have heard this phrase for a million times now, but it is the eternal truth of life. Communication is the key to success in every major aspect of life, and your hospitality business is no exception. Hotels that take communication seriously are now leading the market. But what makes communication so important to Hospitality Industry? Why do hotels need effective communication skills? Well, if we try to understand the possibilities, ways to attract clients, the sky's the limit. No matter what strategies hotels use, communication will always be on the top list to impress guests. 


Having modern amenities is definitely an attractive plus point for hotels that can bring more hotel bookings. Once the guest arrives at the hotel, helpful and polite hotel staff is needed to create a first good impression of the hotel and its services. Your front desk executives have to deal with clients in a very professional and problem-solving way as a long journey can make your clients a bit cranky, not getting proper attention or delay in-room check-in can make them annoyed and that’s not hotels are aiming to achieve.


This is the time for the hotel's front desk to be proactive and create a good impression and initiate the first step to a good business-client relationship with guests. Many hotels have started training their front desk staff for better interactions with different types of guests. Apart from giving them training, make sure your management hears their part of the story as well 


Ask Them-  1. What are the challenges they face while handling a new guest check-in? 2. Is there any glitch in internal communication that hampers the functioning of the front desk? 3. What are the counter questions guests asking?  4. How do they handle an annoyed guest?  5. How can they improve our interactions with guests? 


In the end, hotels need to train their staff with a set of skills that are not restricted to communicate but also focuses on human psychology and emotional quotient. A good front desk executive should be able to mold the communication according to the nature and mood of the guests. Let’s say, some guests are not talkative and hence, the front desk needs to make them comfortable enough with their communication, but it should not hit their eardrums and make them annoyed with non-stop chattering. Overall, make sure you train your staff under the guidance of professional hospitality trainers because careful communication can make your hotel the first choice of every tourist visiting the city.


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