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Why YouTube is a gold mine for Hotel Business?

A few years back when digital marketing did not make an almost compulsory entry into the business marketing strategy,  the opportunity to target specific customers was less. The interactive communication of social media platforms has boosted the way we approach our prospect customers now. Major business entrepreneurs know they need their content strategy strong and hence they work on opening accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. What gets ignored at times is the video-sharing platforms as the efforts are a bit more than putting new stories or uploading images with a caption.


By now, you must be thinking about the significance of video-sharing platforms. Let us tell you the undeniable fact, ‘Youtube is the king of all video sharing platforms’. We all go to YouTube either for entertainment purposes or to get some knowledge transfer through very informative videos available out there. Interestingly, almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day, the average number of mobile YouTube video views per day is 1,000,000,000 and 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Phew! Just imagine the grand opportunity YouTube has for all business categories.

So, how a business channel on YouTube can help your hotel? 

Steal the Fame 

As you know, YouTube has a wide audience for all video content and people prefer watching videos when they are looking for Hotels rather than just reading about it. You can post videos where your hotel's best angles and services are showcased interestingly.

Bring more Clicks to Website

Of course, you need your guests to somehow reach your website and book you for their stay and other gathering functions. YouTube is often seen diverting traffic to official business websites successfully and guess what many of them either refer your hotel to others or book for themselves. Pretty helpful of you, YouTube!

Brand it out 

 Having the presence of YouTube adds to your online marketing. It's always good to target online world 360° and YouTube covers a major part of it resulting in higher brand visibility. Adding perfect keywords and presence on multiple social media platforms is the success mantra for businesses.

Earn while you promote

 Imagine you getting paid for marketing online! Well, that's exactly YouTube does for you. The platform is free from any charges for uploading videos but YouTube ads definitely help you to earn some extra dollars in your account. That's pretty cool! 

Hospitality Industry is vast and competition is getting tougher by each passing day. In such a scenario, having an active YouTube channel with full of interesting videos that gives overview of Hotel, showcases services, gives some sneak peek of Chef's special menu, highlights Spa facilities, interestingly covers the popular tourist destinations in the city and more, you are good to capture the attention of prospect clients. At Woodstock Digital, we provide professional photography for the Hospitality Industry and being into digital marketing for niche hotel business, we know the art of perfect YouTubing. For professional Youtube assistance, feel free to connect with us and we assure you brilliant ideas and mesmerizing photography for promoting your hotel like never before!