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A Smart Digital Marketing Strategy For New Hotels

Congratulations! You are entering into a new Hospitality venture

For most of the entrepreneurs, the process of land selection, planning, designing and execution of the Hotel’s infrastructure comes into mind when they decide to open a hotel. Digital Marketing often sees the process from far as an unsung hero. People don’t incorporate digital marketing from the moment they start investing time and money in the hospitality sector. For many, it is just an add on a marketing strategy that can be used to build a brand name. 

Well, it's high time that people understand “ Digital Marketing acts as your personal marketer”. Building a brand name along with attracting guests is one of the biggest challenges in the hotel industry that cannot be ignored. To hold your business market together, focus on how you can attract more eyeballs before even setting up a hotel.

Here’s a quick checklist that you can consider for crafting a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Draft a clear copy of your Hotel’s mission and vision. Determine the Unique Selling Proposition to design a complete digital marketing strategy around it.

  • Start with activating your hotel’s website and social media accounts on various platforms. Make sure you are everywhere!

  • Before your Hotel gets inaugurated, you can start posting model pictures of building, quotes, mission, vision and more to introduce your new venture.

  • Make sure you have a great website and a landing page. All the promotional activities should take the crowd to your website.

  • Once you get considerable traffic, pay attention to KPI ( Key Performance Index). The parameters are impressions, website click, page clicks, domain building, bounce rate, time spent on the website, conversion rate and many more.

  • Focus on  Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Google Display Network, Gmail Ads etc to generate awareness about your hotel’s services.

  • Try to woo your prospect clients/guests with exciting offers, coupon codes to accelerate their bookings. Give heavy discounts as a grand inauguration offer.

  • As soon as you are all set with your new hotel, lookup for a tie-up with major hotel online platforms like Tripadvisor, Trivago, GoIbibo and more to get location-based deals. 

Initially, these are the basic points you can incorporate into your hotel’s digital marketing strategy. It will give a kick start to achieve your determined goals. Remember, these are just baby steps that can help you conquer the market one day. For deeper digital marketing, you will need professional assistance. At Woodstock Digital, we provide full time hospitality services. Our team of experts can guide you from crafting a blueprint of hotel to performing complete Digital Marketing activities for your hotel. Connect with us for more information and we always welcome client’s requirement of customized marketing solutions.