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Basketful of Confidence with Yo! China

Ashish Kapur: the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Yo! China has successfully developed India's first and largest chain of Chinese restaurants. At present, Yo! China possesses 51 outlets crosswise 14 cities in India.

The love for food and the burning desire to have his own enterprise fueled Ashish to give that one shot. Ashish, a Bachelor's in Engineering from McGill University, Canada, had worked for about 4 years, after sourcing a fund of Rs.70 Lakh from Angel Investors, he together with his 4 co-founders established Moods Hospitality. The outcome: when the first and former Yo! China restaurant came into being in May 2003, it was at times shut for certain hours during the day. Why? The restaurant used to run out of food. People's response was prodigious, even leaving Ashish stunned!

He has won numerous accolades such as Asia's Best Young Entrepreneurs 2008, Best F&B Retailer 2008, Images Golden Spoon Award and to name a few.

Besides, being a great entrepreneur, Ashish is also a theatre buff and is fond of acting. He has also acted in plays staged crosswise the world and even starred in a short international film.

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