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Dream big to achieve something

Success stories are not built in the day and you cannot expect continuous boom in it. There are few hurdles and few failures. However, gradually accomplishments take place and we get to hear the story of a huge empire. The story of Hilton Hotel Chains is similar. The brain behind the Hilton is Conrad Hilton. He was a man made of ambitions and dreams.

Conrad Hilton was born in San Antonio, New Mexico on 1887. Receiving education from Mining Institute, he was an engineer by profession. However, his interest was in banking sector. When he was 31, his first bank went bankrupt. However, banking was never his cup of tea. After arriving in CISCO (TX), 31-year-old Hilton stayed at Mobley Hotel. He was at the situation where there were no rooms available and customers had to go to other places to sleep. Even, the owner was supposed to retire.  We can say that he was at the right time and he brought Mobley hotel. He included lot of rooms to avoid queues.

Earlier, hotels were just gloomy retiring rooms for the guests. However, Mr Hilton thought of adding some new features to entertain the guests. He started small window shops in the lobby around that sold daily consumption items. Later, he became the owner of 350 guests rooms and came to a circumstance where he could build his own hotel. In the year 1925, he opened Dallas Hilton that had 300 rooms. At the start of 30s, US faced economic slowdown and hotel companies were forced to sell their business. Mr Hilton sold his business and became manager at Hilton hotels chain. The owner of Hilton hired him as the manager and also wanted to sell him his business back.

However, after few years he bounced back and acquired one of the most luxurious hotels in New York – Waldorf-Astoria. He made the largest deal in 1954, when he acquired his competitor Statler Hotels Company. The features of Hilton hotels were the comfort they provided in door like air conditioner, alarm clocks and direct dialing phones among others. The hotels were built close to airports and docks among others making it accessible to the travelers. Hotel Hilton and Mr Hilton came up as a rising star after initial hiccups and failures. For more tips, follow Woodstock Hospitality blog.