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How to Turn Your Guests into Word-of-Mouth Promoters?

A survey by TripAdvisor found that 62% of their users prioritized recommendations by friends and family while planning a trip.


That means, 62% of people are ready to book your hotel if you turn their friends and family’s stays into great word-of-mouth.

You can greatly increase revenue and profits at your hotel if, instead of just letting customers check-in and check-out and never come back again, you turn them into loyal promoters that effectively advertise your hotel for free.


Here are the factors you need to address in order to turn your guests into word-of-mouth promoters:

1. Room Quality

The quality of the rooms, the spaciousness, cleanliness, room temperatures and comfort play a massive role in the way guests experience their stays.


The bed and bedding should offer the utmost comfort, should be conveniently located next to light and temperature controls and power sockets and the bedding should be replaced promptly every day.


Every nook and cranny of the room should be spotless, trash collection should be regular and rooms should afford more than enough space to move.

2.  Seamless Front Desk Experience


The quality of the front desk is a make-or-break factor for most guests. The professionalism of your staff at reception, their promptness in satisfying guest requirements and their behaviour play an important role in turning neutral customers into promoters.


The most important aspect of the front desk experience is the check-in and check-out. Both these formalities should be quick, easy and completely hassle-free.

3.    Dining Options

A full-fledged restaurant with breakfast, lunch and dinner options, serving multiple cuisines is a hit with guests.

The way these dining options are presented and the manner in which they add value to the guest’s experience, including food delivery to the room, play a big part in determining whether a customer would recommend your hotel ahead or not.


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